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Carbon Tech Hatch Hanger

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Carbon Tech Hatch Hanger


Carbon Tech Hatch hanger is great for gaining leverage when repairing roofs on SUV's and Cross Over roofs. The rope ratchet height adjustment is a big plus when it comes to repairing vehicles quickly.

The nuts and bolts:

MATERIAL: 1-1/4" diameter carbon fiber w/ 1/8" wall thickness.

The warm and fuzzy:

This Carbon Tech XBar measures 30" long using 1-1/4" diameter carbon fiber 1/8" thick wall tubing for strength. It features a unique rope ratchet system making it the easiest cross bar to use on the market. The rope is made of 1/4" no stretch synthetic material that is as strong as cable with an 8600 lb. breaking strength. This XBar is easy to use and very light weight. There are no chains, which means you'll have a level pushing surface every time.Dent Technology