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Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod

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If you are looking for a high quality, superior hail damage repair tool that is lightweight, durable, and highly customizable, look no further. This user-friendly Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod is a high-functioning PDR tool that can be customized to fit any style. With its range of attachments that can be mixed and matched, this single tool converts itself into the one and done dent destroyer.  

Who’s this for?

Perfect for the traveling PDR techs who need to keep their luggage light, while consuming minimal space without having to limit their toolset. 

Techs who prefer working out of a compact PDR tool cart such as the small TDN, no longer need to leave long rods behind or pack them separate from the main toolset. That's because the carbon tech breaks down into sections, allowing it to fit in a small footprint.

Features & Benefits:

The Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod, weighing in at just over 3.5 lbs. is extremely light and easy to handle. The body is crafted from high-grade carbon fiber.

It has a comfortable, ergonomic, controllable, and removable handle along with a detachable head that can be fitted with multiple attachments. It utilizes industry standard tips like the most common variety found from top suppliers like Dentcraft and Ultra Dent tools. It is the ideal PDR tool for hail damage.

The Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod boasts a classic finish with an industrial strength look and feel.

The 1-1/14” diameter carbon fiber rod consists of 3 pieces measuring 46”, 26", and 12", allowing for a full 7’ extension. By using various combinations of the carbon PDR hail rod sections, you can adjust to a variety of lengths ensuring you maintain the highest amount of control with proper form. 

This translates into less energy used, which puts less stress on your body, allowing you to work faster, longer and with less fatigue.

The rigidity of the Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod ensures minimum effort with maximum results. There is no flex while performing a repair even at a distance. This allows you to maintain better control of your tool, so you not only make the pushes where they count, but more energy will be transferred with less effort. 

Carbon Tech features a double tip as well, allowing you to have instant access to 2 different pushing surfaces by simply spinning the rod 180 degrees. There are several attachments which convert this single tool into a multitool workhorse, making it the one stop shop for almost any situation.

The attachable quick-change pieces allow for fast switching from one setup to the next with the single push of a button.


The Carbon Tech PDR Hail Rod passes all security and durability tests and comes well packaged in a customized box. The packaging also includes 2 tips and 5 rubber caps.

Additional Attachments: 

36” Extension, T handle, PDR Glue Cutter, Pick Tool, Double Kick Pick, Whale Tail Wide, Whale Tail Narrow, Single Sided Head

Complementary accessories:

Window XBar, Hatch Hanger, Gripy Macgrip Tape

Additional Info:

Todd Zimerman, an experienced tech with multiple years under his belt in the PDR trade has intelligently designed the carbon tech rod to be future proof.  By designing new attachments as the need arises, this tool will continue to evolve ensuring it will be a viable tool for years to come. This makes the carbon tech hail rod your best choice when committing to a carbon line of tools. If you are looking to replace your heavy steel rods, PDR hail tech is the need of the hour.



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