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Black Plague 2.0 - 7 Piece Crease Glue Pulling Set

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These are the NEWEST Crease Tabs on the market!

7 pieces of money making perfection

- NEW SIZE TAB: 47mm (1.875 in) added! This is going to become your FAVORITE small crease tab after the first pull!

- Steel bolt necks WILL NOT BREAK!

We wanted to level up a few things with the Blackplague crease tabs and we decided to start from scratch with a new mold. Since we were starting from scratch, we were able to make several changes that are very exciting and will make for better repairs.
- We added what is proving to be the MOST popular size. 1.875" : many many techs asked
for it because it's roughly the size of a "normal" door ding.
- We had some material breakdown on the two largest tabs where the plastic would become brittle and deteriorate prematurely. We always have and will continue to warranty all of these tabs. However,
we joined forces with Keco and their compounding expertise and we have permanently solved that issue. The material now is impervious to chemicals used in PDR.
- The weak point on some of the original tabs was the threaded plastic where the bolts entered. At high pressure levels the tabs would distort and allow the bolt to be pulled out. With considerable cost and complexity we added threaded brass inserts MOLDED into the tabs when they are first formed to give the maximum strength available. This technology is also proven in the field with KECO. Once this problem was solved, the way we tackled creases with glue changed dramatically. We know it will change for you too! You cannot have too many different tab brands and sizes in your tool box. Having this tab design in YOUR box will do exactly what you want it to do: make you more money faster, every time you reach for it!


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