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Glexo Cold glue One Kit

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Glexo Cold glue One Kit
Unique adhesive composition and big round tab in a storage box.

Glexo Cold Adhesive is reusable and practically does not run out. With respect to the application technique and operating conditions, the composition provides almost instantaneous, strong adhesion, sufficient to fulfill a wide range of tasks in the field of removing dents on the car body. The composition is easy to apply, ready to use, and easily removed from the paintwork.

Glexo System Advantages

Suitable for both amateurs and professionals
Unmatched traction characteristics – high adhesion combined with easy removal
Long service life: test samples are used from 2015 to the present day and they are fully operational
The widest temperature range of application – works in the heat of Dubai, and in the cold of St. Petersburg
Does not damage paintwork, chemically inert
Low spent and requires no washings – the small amount that remains on the surface is easily collected by the main mass
The delicate, soft and volumetric operation of the system eliminates the constriction of metal in the repair area and does not create internal stresses
The patented fastening system is suitable for any slide hammer
Instant strong adhesion
Low cost and quick payback
Requires no electricity
Safe for health and the environment   


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