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Hawg PDR Glue

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Hawg PDR Glue
10 Glue Sticks Per Order
(10" Long 7/16" Diameter)


Hawg PDR Glue – designed by Daniel Gromm is actually two great types of glue in one bag! The Orange glue is for all around temperatures and humidities and the Black Glue is ideal for warmer weather.


These are all general temperature ranges. Using any glue system on a cold car in freezing weather, or a hot car in 100-degree temperatures in the sun exceeds pretty much the extremes in gluing. Different glues function better or worse than others according to humidity levels, type of tab or pulling system, timing of Tech on the pull, etc. Some glues stick a little better to painted clear coated metal than to plastic and vice versa. All areas to be repaired should be prepped with 91% alcohol before attempting glue pulling - this optimizes the chance of success. 91% alcohol should only be used to remove glue from cars and tabs.



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