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Solder-It Hg-400w Propane Heat Gun

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Solder-It HG-400W Propane Heat Gun
A truly portable high output Propane heat Gun head. Achieves temperatures of 450 degree-550 degrees/842 degree-1022 degree. Uses long lasting, readily available propane.
Propane Canister ( not included )
Has automatic ignition and comes with a deflector nozzle and Spreader nozzle. Patented rotating hand protector and vertical stand. Applications include heat shrink tubing, shrink wrap, setting epoxies and adhesives, bending plastic and compound materials, applying window and decorative film, heat removal of various substances, automotive dent repair, thaw frozen pipes, spot ice melt, leather and vinyl repair, prosthetic fabrication, and starting barbecue charcoal.
  • Professional quality
  • No cords, no battery
  • Automatic ignition
  • heat shrink, Automotive dent repair, thaw frozen pipes
  • High output propane heat Gun head
  • PDR Applications


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