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Spinal Cord Upgrade Kit

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Spinal Cord Upgrade Kit

Spinal cord upgrade kit is a set of spinal cord segments for use on our mini light systems.  

This kit consist of 15 Vertebra, 1 double socket, 1 elbow socket, 2 3/4 NPT Connectors and 1 Parts kit.  


If using this kit to upgrade Original Version 1 Elim A Dent lights you have to disconnect wiring in base and pull wire through existing linkage system.  You have to replace every component Spinal Cord isn't compatible with any existing systems. 


Internal wiring may not be long enough to feed through entire length of spinal cord segments. Make sure to remove any vertebra to shorten entire segment to fit length of current internal wiring. Always pull connectors from metal contact and never from wire to avoid damage.   

Patent Pending