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5"x 4" Oval Suction Cup Replacement Rubber Base Pad 1pc

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5"x 4" Oval Suction Cup Replacement Rubber Base Pad 1pc


Recommended Cup Size For Manual Operation

When using a Manual Cup Option we recommend the smaller 4x3 oval cup overall. It's a little larger than standard 3" round cups giving you better vacuum without added difficulty finding proper placement as the larger cups might have.  The oval design keeps an almost identical footprint as 3 inch round so it should fit almost anywhere the 3" round can if you properly align the longer side corresponding to the panel. 

The main issue with Larger Cups when using a manual pump is it takes several pumps to start and complete the vacuum process. Combining this with added difficulty of getting a proper seal to start the vacuum process will increase time spent trying to position and set the light. 

Recommended Cup Size For Auto Operation

We recommend 4x3 Oval Cup for smaller 14" lights and larger 5x4 Oval cup for larger 20" lights.

When you have an AutoCup you can push the suction cup against the panel letting the battery powered pump automatically create the suction for you, making it much easier to start and create vacuum.  Since the auto cup reduces the main issue the larger cup has with a manual pump, we like the increased holding strength when paired with larger bulkier lights. 

The smaller 4x3 Oval can be used on larger lights like the Elim A Dent 20" V3 but the cup will pull away from the panel easier when adjusting the light especially if you have your spinal cord adjusted very stiff. 


Fits Version 2 & Version 3 Elim A Dent Mini Lights




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