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Mobile Tech Shade

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Mobile Tech Shade

68” Umbrella
Engineered to work well in sunny and rainy weather, the Mobile Tech Shade® double canopy UV umbrella system is the perfect addition to any technician’s tool bag. This umbrella is designed with a Vortec Venting System which prevents the umbrella from inverting in strong winds, reflective silver coating to keep you shielded from the sun’s harmful rays, and the over-sized 68″ size keeps you dry from the rain.

– *68” Umbrella
– Umbrella Stand & Extension
– Base Mounting Bracket
– Suction Cup Base
*All umbrellas come w/ dual canopy silver U.V. & wind resistant design.

Umbrella Stand & Extension

The galvanized steam tubing provides a durable rust proof assembly strong enough for everyday use. Connecting the base unit to a 1’ main tube or adding the 1’ extension tube with custom clips provides you with additional configuration options in the field.


Base Mounting Bracket
The Mobile Tech Shades one and only all metal construction & advanced metallurgy increases reliability and extend the life of the umbrella stand system. Unique mixed meatal configuration insures that the mounting bracket locks and holds tight in various configuration providing a 210 degree swivel point for increased configuration.


Suction Cup Base
A heavy duty 4 1/2 “suction cup provides an ideal attachment to smooth, nonporous surfaces including glass or automotive panels. Equipped with a red-line indicator warning users of any significant vacuum loss.



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