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3" Concave Vacuum Cup With Threaded Stud

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>Metal accessory mount with threaded stud for attaching equipment.
>Provides a reliable, temporary vacuum mount, without drilling holes.
>Rubber vacuum pad will not mark or damage most surfaces.
Attaches to flat or curved, smooth, nonporous surfaces.
>Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.
>Check valve allows re-pumping without loss of remaining vacuum.
>Lift tabs on vacuum pad edges permit instant release.
>Supplied with vacuum pad protector.

Item# 3VCup

>Vacuum Pad: Concave, 3" [8 cm] diameter (model TL3)
>Minimum Radius for Curved Mounting Surface: 4" [102 mm]
>Height to Mounting Platform (does not include stud): 1-27/64" [36 mm] on flat surfaces;
1-11/16" [43 mm] on surfaces with maximum curvature.
>Load Capacity: 15 lbs [7 kg] per vacuum cup


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