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Ultra Dent A14S Lightweight Stainless Scissor Hood & Trunk Rack

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The new, lightweight Stainless Scissor Hood & Trunk Rack from Ultra Dent Tools is the perfect portable work partner. This PDR hood stand eases out technicians' job while they perform hail damaged repairs on hoods and trunk lids.

When opened, you can adjust the rack to fit your work needs. The rack is handy for both sitting and standing positions of the PDR technician working on a task.

The body of the Scissor Hood & Trunk Rack is made of 100% aluminum and is sturdy, lightweight and compact! The hood is adjustable and the rack has a rigid square frame.

When opened to its full size, it can be neatly fitted on locking casters and pulled to all corners of the workspace.

Special protective tubing collars ensure safety and endurance.

Travel easily with the Scissor Hood & Trunk Rack as it can be completely dismantled and easily reassembled. With casters, it weighs 20 lbs.


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