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36" Ultra Vision Extruded 12v Led Portable Stainless Steel Shop PDR Light - A1BE3-S3

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36" Ultra Vision Extruded 12v Led Portable Stainless Steel Shop PDR Light - A1BE3-S3

Perform quality PDR repairs in the bright and well-angled light using the A1BE3-S3 36'’ Ultra vision extruded 12v LED Portable Stainless Steel Shop Light.

The standard version of this portable PDR light comes with a 3-foot boom pole and the 2 lights have V shields, throwing the light over a broader radius.

The stainless steel body is sturdy, steady and easily compatible with a variety of workspaces. It can be maneuvered into tight spaces as well. It is a high quality patented product from reliable people at Ultra Dent Tools.

The A1BE3-S3 comes in a 12v setting with a coil cord and a 12v battery adapter and tray.

Each feature is carefully crafted on to the body to make it versatile in any light requirement:

1) The spring-loaded handle allows the boom pole to adjust under tension without loosening or tightening.

2) The column allows you to easily adjust the tension and move the fixture to the perfect angle.

3) The adjustable swivel head allows you to turn the fixture without removing or readjusting the bottom base.

The dent repair light comes with locking wheels, 3 LED strips, 1-warm white, 2-bright white and 2 on/off switches.

Added options include:

1) A ball pivot joint that allows your light fixture to move a full 90 degrees to any direction that suits the work.

2) An extension for the boom pole that makes the shop light reach further.

3) More lights can be added on to the panel.

4) For an additional charge, the shop light can be highly polished.

This must-have shop light comes packed in a diecast cut foam with a sturdy reusable box. Simple instructions and guidelines are included making the light easy to assemble and use by novice and expert PDR technicians alike.


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