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Assembled Base for Dewalt V-3 Manual Cup

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Assembled Base Dewalt V-3 Manual Cup

This does not come with internal SRV3 wiring harness.  Harness is needed to connect base to LED Tray housing while maintaining 360 degrees of rotation. 

You have the choice to pick No Cup, 4x3 Oval Cup, Or 5x4 Cup. 

If you choose the No Cup Option you will receive the manual base with no suction cup rubber pad Or Plunger. 

When choosing either size suction cup then you will also receive a plunger which is used to manually create a vacuum for surface adhesion.

Pre Assembled Bottom Base For Dewalt Powered Version 3 Mini Light.

Consist of Top Plate, Bottom Plate, Dimmer, and USB Charging port.

Setup for a Manual Plunger and Rubber Suction Cup Pad that can be selected with the unit or Purchased Separate.  


Suction Cup Options 

Elim A Dent Recommended - 43OPAD

SKU - 43OPAD - 4"x 3" Oval Suction Cup Replacement Rubber Base Pad 1pc

SKU - 5"x 4" Oval Suction Cup Replacement Rubber Base Pad 1pc

Elim A Dent Does Not Recommend 5x4 Pad for Manual Cups. They can be used but due to the extra surface area it can create difficulty creating vacuum.  The larger 5x4 Oval Pads work well with Elim A Dent's Auto Cup Series. 



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