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14" Combo Vinyl Lines Double Sided Lens, Matte Anti-Glare & Hi-Gloss Reflective

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Combo Vinyl Lines 14" Double Sided Lens, Matte Anti-Glare & Hi-Gloss Reflective

White acrylic which comes installed with 14" Mini LIght With Combo Vinyl Lines.

Matte Anti-Glare finish on one side and Hi-Gloss Reflective finish on other.

Vinyl combo line sticker is on Matte Anti-Glare side. 

You can remove lines for custom setups. 

Our vinyl lines instantly transforms your board to full lines or create your own combo by peeling off the lines you don't need. These lines offer 1/4" thickness lines in middle and 1/8" lines on outside to lessen the amount you move your board. Perfect for detail and cross checking your work.Have the best of both worlds with line reflection and fog or all lines. A line reflection will offer you true detail how straight your finish is.

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