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Fatty Lens 38" X 14" Clear-Frosted Matte Anti-Glare & Hi-Gloss (Outside Lens)

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Fatty Lens 38" X 14" Clear-Frosted Matte Anti-Glare & Hi-Gloss (Outside Lens)


Replacement Lens for Elim A Dent Fatty Hail Light that Increases Brightness and Tightens Fade.  

If you are looking to brighten your outdoor workspace or create ambient lighting indoors, this is the ideal double-sided lens.

The double-side lens from Elim A Dent is extremely versatile and helps you get more work done in a day despite any prevailing light conditions.

The top side has a glossy reflective finish and is best used when you need extra brightness while working outdoors.

The bottom has an anti-glare finish and helps prevent objects from reflecting off the board onto the vehicle.

This 38" x 14" lens can be used as a replacement to stock installed acrylic on Fatty Hail Light or to add lines or Fog.

This Lens is best used outside when maximum clarity to details is needed. You can achieve similar fade characteristics as you do when pushing a lens closer to LED lighting.

The anti-glare side can be used for optimal fade while working outside in direct sunlight and also to brighten indoor workspace.

Item# CA38X14


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