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Keco Jvf Blending/Slapper Hammer

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Keco JVF Blending/Slapper Hammer

The handle of the JVF Blending/Slapper Hammer w/ 3/4″ Plastic Tip and Polished Rectangle Slapper Tip, is made from ash wood giving it a strong but lightweight feel. The handle is 17″ long and 1 3/8″ wide. The handle conveniently includes threaded inserts for inserting various tips when transporting or storing the hammer. Included on the hammer is the smooth, polished rectangular tip and plastic tip. The unique surface of the rectangle tip is polished to a smooth finish and shaped to accommodate the unique contours of vehicles. The polished rectangle tip rotates 360º and is adjusted & tightened easily with round blue thumb nut. The JVF Blending/Slapper Hammer w/ 3/4″ plastic tip and polished rect. slapper tip is an essential component in larger dent repairs.



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