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Keco K-Bridge Track Puller With Adapters

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Double Action Tool - holds tension on the desired area and allows the user to knock down crowns to pull up big dents
360 degree Robo style foot - allows the technician to use the lifter on any area on the car with ease
Dual option knob - allows the user to make small tension adjustments manually or use a drill to make faster adjustments
Lightweight body - total weight is under 5lbs to ensure easy maneuvering of the lifter
5 KECO adapters - included making K-Beam compatible with all KECO tabs and other pull tabs in the PDR market

The K-Beam Bridge Lifter is the newest addition to the body repair line of KECO PDR products. This system provides the Technician with the controlled power & leverage necessary to pull large dents from panels, doors, seams, & body lines on the car. The K-Beam Bridge maintains pulling pressure allowing tech’s a hands-free opportunity to view the dent at various angles and slap down crowns accordingly. Combined with four different adapters, the technician now has the means, and the power, to pull most any dent quickly and correctly.

K-Beam Bridge Lifter with 4 adapters (25mm, 50mm, 100mm and threaded super tab adapter). Manufactured with the highest strength composition, a lockable sliding saddle (angling up to 60º and sliding up to 28"), Robo style foot pads with 360º pivoting flanking each end. Comfort grip handle with hex nut to allow the use of a drill for quicker rotation/pulling.

The K-Beam Bridge uses a threaded lifter, working with an adapter, that can be raised or lowered to lock into any KECO Super Tab, Centipede Crease Tab, or Black Plague Crease tabs. The leverage and power using these products, coupled with high strength PDR glue, will pull the most difficult dents from virtually all metals used in vehicle composition.



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