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TDN Tools Large TDN Travel PDR Tool Cart - 51" X 19 1/2" X 12"

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No heavy lifting ahead!

A safe, secure and easy to use customizable travel trunk for all your PDR tools, the original large TDN PDR tool Cart comes in Yellow & black foam insert. The finish is excellent, the build is sturdy with well-crafted handles and grips, four removable wheels under the carriage and two trolley wheels to the side for easy travel.

Assembly and dissembling take less than three minutes for the TDN Travel Cart.

Once assembled, this PDR tool cart is equipped to hold a diverse array of tools. There are holes along the rim for larger tools, buckets in the center for small tools and even easy hook on brackets for more tools along the sides. The toolbox can be further customized to hold as many tools as you can buy!

The large TDN Travel Cart is 51" X 19 1/2" X 12" and comes with 2 tool brackets but can accommodate up to 6 brackets with 3 on either side. And all of it fits in one easy to travel with, compact and maneuverable case that keeps you hassle free and organized on the job.

Travel or ship your toolbox with confidence! Your tool cart comes equipped with a padlock friendly latch so you can check it in or ship it off when you need.

Unpack or pack up in a jiffy!

To unpack:

  • Lift to remove brackets from the sides of your tray and place in the cart box
  • Place extra-long tools in the cart box as well
  • The buckets on the top hold smaller tools secure and locked down when you travel
  • Release latches on the legs and bend to drop down
  • Legs will drop easily into the cart
  • The lid drops in and has a storage space under it allowing you to carry more tools
  • The box cover latches on with the sturdy easy to use latches that can be fastened with a padlock for safety while you are traveling
  • The four wheels at the bottom for tray mobility are easily detachable and stored in the cart. Simply push the sprinkler down to unlock and slide the wheels and castors off. While assembling, quickly slide them back in!
  • Once your box is packed up, lift the hinge on the side and roll to work with the assurance of secure, well build trolley wheels on the edge of the cart

For assembly,

  • Lift the lid to open the box
  • Reattach the wheels and lock them in
  • Easy handles pull up the tray
  • Secure the 4 legs by latching them in
  • Hinge the tool trays back on the side of the tray
  • Insert tools from the box into appropriate holes and compartments and begin the job! 


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