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PDR Leverage Device - Moose Knuckle

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PDR Leverage Device - Moose Knuckle
The Moose Knuckle is a tire support system to reduce setup time and improve stability on fender repairs.Comes with standard eye-bolt. Knuckle Up!
: Adjustable eye height for a perfect fulcrum point
: Eye will fit up to a 1" ball tip
: Contoured to fit a tire for maximum surface area to leverage off of
: Non-skid backing creates a very stable knuckle that will not slide off of a tire which can free up your other hand to give a better line of sight on a dent
: Slotted for use without eye bolt for low profile vehicles with little space between fender and tire
: Almost zero setup time
: Unbelievable power and torque
: Holes for mounting in taillight pockets or inner structures.
: The Moose Knuckle comes in bright red or infected green
: No more smashed hands or clumsy pieces of wood


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