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PullDog Slide Hammer (Adjustable Pull)

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The PullDog Slide Hammer is the most useful, well-crafted and popular slide hammer in the market.

The tool is well built, nicely weighted and ensures extremely smooth action. 

The spring adjustability in the PullDog is a real plus point with complex damage. The most unique feature about this Slide Hammer is the adjustable tension spring at the top. By winding the end, you can increase or decrease the tension to suit your need. The spring absorbs some of the shock when you pull the slide hammer up. The top can be wound all the way down to take the tension out of the spring, allowing for a completely dead blow to a soft cushioned pull.

The PullDog comes with a standard size head and adjustable shaft. The shaft can be shortened by 2 - 3 inches by removing and adjusting the screw to suit your preference.


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