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Ultra Dent & Don Gray Hand Tools Set (11 pcs.) - Set #36

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Ships From Manufacturer



If you are looking to spruce up your dent repair tools collection, this is the perfect Ultra Dent set for you.

This hand tools set has been envisioned and created by Ultra Dent in collaboration with Don Gray, the most reputable and respected name in the dent removal tools’ industry.

This signature set includes 6 blades and 5 handles.

Each tool in this set is extremely versatile with an adjustable handle. The handle can be adjusted and used from either side, 45-degree angle and in-line, making the set unique and highly functional. The stainless center pins rotate enabling the user to rotate them to 180 degrees. The magnet inside the pin makes it easy to maneuver as well.

Another unique design feature is the handle parallel to the blade, giving you a lot of extra torque when you are working to fix a large dent or even aluminum.

The radiused upper edges make for sharper blades in this set.

Super strong, with very little flex, this set of hand tools is customized for perfection.

The Set includes:

DG-HT1 - 5/32 dia. x 7-1/2" curved 9/16" Double Blade

DG-HT2 - 3/16 dia. x 9-1/2" curved 1" Double Blade

DG-HT3 - 1/4" dia. x 13-3/4" curved 1" Double Blade

DG-HT4 - 1/4" dia. x 14" curved 1-1/2" Double Blade

DG-HT5 - 5/16 dia. x 18" curved 1-1/2" Double Blade

DG-HT6 - 5/16 dia. x 24" curved 2-3/8" Double Blade

(2) DG-H1 - Small 3/16" x 7/8" dia. x 4-3/8 long (2" Titanium and 2-1/4" Knurled Delrin)

(2) DG-H2 - Medium 1/4" x 7/8" dia. x 4-3/8 long (2-1/4" Titanium and 2-1/4" Knurled Delrin)

(2) DG-H3 - Large 5/16" x 1" dia. x 4-3/8 long (2-1/4" Titanium and 2-1/4" Knurled Delrin)


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