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The Claw Hood Stand Mounts - Restless Minds

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The Claw Hood Stand Mounts - Restless Minds
The Claw is a hood stand adapter that allows you to bolt a hood or decklid to your hood stand for extra stability, the claws fit through almost any factory holes in panels and tighten down the other end or can be used to hold down any other vehicle panels like doors and deck lids.
The complete set consists of 2 bolt down brackets and 2 rubber foot L brackets.  These brackets are designed to eliminate the need for rope ratchets while adding the most secure mounting for any body panel.  The brackets will hold doors, hoods, trunks, tailgates, and lift gates.  The bolt down brackets use the factory bolt mounting points to secure that side of the panel.  While the L brackets secure the other end of the panel using a 1/4" hole or larger to pull the panel into the rubber feet. 


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