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14" (Makita) Ver-2 - 9 Strip Myke Toledo Signature Series

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9 Strip 18v PDR L.E.D. Cordless 14inch Light Board
(Myke Toledo of Dent Time Signature Series)
(2 outer cool white, 2 outer inner warm white,
1 center double strip warm white, and 1 center cool white)
PWM Dimmer Included
Your Choice of Standard Loc Line Or Elim A Dents Spinal-Cord
"Patents 9109769, 9212793"

Myke Toledo Combo Line Sticker Setup Is Included With This Board.

(2 spaced center cool white, 2 middle outer cool white, 2 outer outer cool white, 1 centered warm white, 1 single outer warm white, 1 single outer cool white)

This board is like nothing ever seen, created in collaboration with James Lee of Elim A Dent and Myke Toledo of Dent Time on a quest to create one board that could meet the demands of Line and Fog users alike. Make sure to watch the video in description to see the insane amount of configurations this board can do. Depending on where you put lines you can turn on and off various section of l.e.d and color to get that perfect line illumination or Fog/Fade.

powered by Makita 18v Lithium Ion batteries or off-brand replacements. The board can be rotated and twisted 360 degrees. Comes with 9 L.E.D. strips 2 center spaced, 2 middle outer, 2 outer outer, 1 centered, 1 single outer left, 1 single outer right. 3 double power switches on base control strips. First switch up position powers 2 cool strips(outer, outer), First switch down position powers on single cool outer right, 2nd switch up position powers on center spaced double cool strips, 2nd switch down position powers on single center warm strip, 3rd switch up position powers on 2 cool strips(middle, outer), and 3rd switch down position powers on single warm outer left. Batteries charge in 15-40 min and last for 4 to 10 +hours depending on how many strips you power and what size battery your using.

*Custom cool/warm white configurations available upon request

New Spinal-Cord Setup

Elim A Dents Patent Pending Spinal Cord setup. These new revolutionary fittings allow you to extend and shorten your cord length without taking the entire assemble apart. Better than that each link has a bolt and nut inside a plastic housing that allows you to set the tension of each link. Ounce Spinal Cord fittings are connected they cannot pop apart without loosening the tension screws. If you prefer that loose broke in feel loosen the screws, if you like to keep that tight like new feeling tighten the screws. If you would like to have part of the links loose so you can maneuver and spin the board freely but have another section tight to support the board’s weight well you can do that also.

> 18v powered by Makita lithium ion batteries or off-brand replacements.

> Allows you to use existing Makita chargers and batteries to eliminate carrying multiple different batteries and chargers.

> Easy battery release for swapping out dead batteries

> Completely cordless no exposed wires.

> Versatile 360 degrees of movement with no worries of cord tangles.

> Quick disconnects to easily replace wearable parts like the loc line assembly.

> Up to 9 18v strips with a variety of warm/cool color combination.

> 3 independent switches on base so they don't get switched by accident when adjusting board and also allow for various led strip combinations.

>Matched acrylic face plate for the perfect fade. Acrylic is secured into place so it won’t slide or fall out.

>Built in suction cup with replaceable plunger and pad which saves cost on repairs by only needing to purchase parts instead of entire assembly. Now works with Woods and Ram Twist Cups

>Low profile dimmer on base side to control brightness of L.E.D.

Makita®, LXT®, AVT® and the Makita logo, Teal color and Black & White color combination are the registered trademarks of Makita which is not affiliated with Elim A Dent LLC.


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